Five Most Charitable Celebrities Who Have Changed People’s Lives

Published on 01/19/2020

There are millions of different charities around the world, each having their theme on which they help. Either way, they are doing a great job and contributing to cause that will enhance the lives of millions worldwide. Charities around the world are mainly focused on changing the way people live and, in so doing, provide the necessities of life they need to survive. Charitable work does not only come through entities but also individuals and groups alike. Most people are just a victim of circumstance, and this is what most of these charities have come to live with and use as their base for helping.

Five Most Charitable Celebrities Who Have Changed Peoples Lives

Five Most Charitable Celebrities Who Have Changed Peoples Lives


Who is a Philanthropist?

Unlike most charitable efforts that work through the public for public benefits, a philanthropist works privately for the good cause of the public. They focus on initiatives that will enhance the quality of lives of those around them and other countries by extension. Their donation comes in kinds, and cash and millions around the world have benefitted in one way or another.

Charitable Organizations

A charity is a non-profit organization that seeks the well-being of those in need. They venture on different missions in a bid to raise funds and survival items for those who are unable to do it for themselves. Thousands of national and international charities operate across borders for the ultimate task of doing good.

A Look Into the Works of 5 Celebrity Philanthropists
Lots of celebrities around the world have adopted the cause of becoming a philanthropist because they see the need to help and make a difference. However, there are a few who have gone above and beyond the call of kindness where impacting lives matters. These celebrities include:

Oprah Winfrey

When it comes to philanthropy and charity, Oprah Winfrey is a household name that many recalls. Winfrey has always had a passion for helping, and most of her grants benefit the education, arts, and culture industries. She believes through education, the face of the world can and will change as this is where children and youth development starts. Countless times Winfrey tells of her life in poverty and what it means to suffer and struggle for survival. To date, Oprah Winfrey has donated millions to various development centers around the world.

Jami Gertz

Jami Gertz is an actress who has a passion for helping those struggling to survive in different areas of life. Gertz and her husband Antony Ressler, in times passed, made as much as $10.5 million in donations to a foundation bent on improving and positively impacting the lives of those who look to them for help.

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep and her husband formed a foundation they planned to use as the center through which they would help. Since it’s inception, thousands of people have benefitted. They also contribute to other charities based on the health and development portfolios.

Five Most Charitable Celebrities Who Have Changed Peoples Lives

Five Most Charitable Celebrities Who Have Changed Peoples Lives

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson started the A.P. Reilly Foundation, which is an initiative to support the Holy Family Church. This aid, by extension, has impacted the lives of millions worldwide, whether directly or indirectly.

Jerry Seinfeld

Popular comedian Jerry Seinfeld has donated millions through his charity foundation, the Seinfeld Family Foundation, where the main focus of aid goes to education, health, youth development, and Jewish organizations.

These celebrities are just a few among the many that have not only become role models as celebrities but as individuals with a kind heart. Everyone is a philanthropist in their way just that their deeds may not be known to the world.