Which One Is Better In 2022 – iOS Or Android?

Published on 07/06/2022

The growing popularity of Smartphones is creating difficulty on which is better (2022): Android or iPhone. With every new launch that enters the market, one is the best purchase option for you to numerous debates. Are you having trouble deciding between Android and iPhone? Then, by the conclusion of this article, you will know enough about the phones that run on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android to make an informed decision. Here are the essential features of a smartphone, as seen through the views of both Android and iOS.

Which One Is Better In 2022 IOS Or Android

Which One Is Better In 2022 IOS Or Android



As the sole manufacturer of the iPhone, Apple takes great effort into designing the hardware to make it the center of attention and the software to work with it. However, because different companies make Android phones, the weight, size, functions, and aesthetic value vary. When purchasing an iPhone, you must select a model; however, you must choose both a brand and a model when buying an Android phone.

Cameras On Android Vs. iPhone

The camera quality will be the next point of comparison between Android and iPhones. The IPhones are rated the best in class regarding photography quality. On the other hand, most high-end Android phones have cameras of comparable quality. Therefore, both have excellent cameras, and it is impossible to say which is the finest. However, the camera quality of low-end and inexpensive Android phones is inferior to that of low-cost iPhones. Overall, the camera battle between Android phones and iPhones is very evenly matched.


Google Play has over 2.8 million apps, compared to 1.8 million in the Apple App Store. Google’s app quality may be sloppy, but Apple maintains tight control over the middle. Apple does not allow a fraudulent version of the program to be distributed. Android’s development costs are too high due to fragmentation. The iOS version of critical apps is released first, followed by the Android version.

Variety Of Models

Each year, Apple releases a few phones that share a similar design, though things changed with the iPhone X when Apple opted to reduce the bezels and add a large notch to the front. Except for the altered orientation of the cameras at the back, the iPhone 11 has the same screen design. So there’s a chance that Apple will consider re-designing the iPhone, which isn’t a bad thing because Apple is the only firm that makes iOS devices. In the case of Android, several smartphone manufacturers compete for each quarter of the year by releasing multiple models in various price ranges. It is no surprise that Android has a significantly larger user base. Furthermore, each manufacturer has its design language, so we get to try out a variety of phones. Android is the superior platform in this regard.


Apple and Android’s app shops are both functional. However, now and then, when everything goes wrong, the kind of help you get is genuine. When you seek assistance at an Apple Store, a certified specialist schedules a time to investigate your issue. On the other hand, if you have an Android phone, you can get assistance from the manufacturer’s mechanic, such as Samsung or Motorola. Your phone may be under-attended if employees are not well trained. The assistance may be sufficient to meet the essential criterion.

Pricing Of Android Vs. iPhone

Regarding price comparisons, Android comes out on top by a long shot. Apple’s products and accessories are more expensive than those of its competitors. Apple phones are regarded as a status symbol in addition to providing top performance, and even their generation models are more expensive than top-rated Android phones.

Pricing Of Android Vs IPhone

Pricing Of Android Vs IPhone

Final Verdict

As evidenced by the results in the points mentioned, both Android and iOS offer a wide range of usability. Both platforms’ device use cases and software have their benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, if you seek to buy a smartphone in the premium bracket, iOS appears to be the clear winner. Again, there is no need to dismiss Android flagships because they can be just as impressive as iPhones and offer more personalization options.