Top Things You Will Find In A Millennial’s Home!

Published on 04/12/2021

Apart from being a tech-savvy generation, there are various things that you will see in a millennial’s home. This is the generation known for carrying a dedication towards avocado toasts and a preference to shop online. The number of home buyers has increased quite a bit, and a significant percentage of 34% is these millennials. This generation is now in the phase where they have started to invest wisely, and now houses are being turned into homes. As I am also a millennial, I can say we are witnessing a shift towards a biodegradable world and how much we need to incorporate greenery and natural touch in our lives. The primary theme that we thrive on is to have a contrast look with minimal design and a pastel color palette. In this blog, I am going to jot down a few things that you will definitely find in a millennial’s home.

Top Things You Will Find In A Millennials Home

Top Things You Will Find In A Millennials Home



The walls might not carry various paintings, but what will surely be there is a map. Depending on the preference, it can be a world map or any country’s/states. This edition of the map to the wall represents that we are more for the experiences rather than materials.

Tropical Plants

In a millennials’ home, you will definitely see a touch of tropical plants. Having these plants denote that you are resistant to global warming and eradicating forests around the world.

Brass Decor

As modern homes have a more open area, the brass seating cushions and decor items add an elegant touch to space. It also indicates our recession-era evolution. These chairs come in multiple designs, and you will see a variety of these decor elements based on the interiors.

A Wall For Portraits

As a generation, we are all in to preserve memories. In every millennial’s home, you will find a wall where a framed version of selfies will be placed. These photographs can be from a polaroid or just regular selfies. To add a more elegant look, string lights can be added.

Chesterfield Sofa

If you are going for a more premium house decor, a chesterfield sofa is a must. It should be in full sync with millennial colors such as avocado green, psychedelic purple, etc. The finish should resemble a leather material with a matte finish. The glossy finish will not give you an elegant look.

Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield Sofa

Sustainable Materials

The decor items like lighting, rest chairs, or any storage space are now available in sustainable materials like cane, jute, etc. It will not only give you an elegant touch in terms of decor but will also give you a sustainable approach to life.

A Folding Tray

Each one of us wants to use our computer and have some morning snacks in the bed. Having a folding tray will help you quite a bit. It will also serve best as a binge-watch space for you and your friends.

A Trend To Put On Arrant Quotes

A millennial wall will also have some stickers or framed versions of some of the stereotypical quotes that society has laid upon us. These quotes will help in joining the resistance and remember what we need to make everyone aware of.

A Throw Blanket

The sofa that you will see in the home will have a throw blanket on it. It will be quite large in size and the color scheme that is generally opted for it is vibrant. For example, you will see colors like teal, red, etc. These are just a few top preferred things that you will see in a millennial’s home, no matter in which city or part of the world you are!