Apps You Will Find On Every Millennials’ Smartphone!

Published on 04/12/2021

For a millennial, there are very few things that they have a similar love for as their smartphone. This is the gadget that is there to have our back no matter how grave the situation is. We are swiftly shifting towards the digital world and the only link that’s making it possible is a smartphone. The services that we use, a majority of them are app-based and this is the reason we rely highly on our smartphones. As a professional and a millennial, I can confirm that smartphones provide us with a reliable source to make our professional and personal life a bit easier. There are different apps for different categories and I will try to discuss a few of them here.

Apps You Will Find On Every Smartphone

Apps You Will Find On Every Smartphone


Daily Needs

It is the category of apps that offer a range of services that one will need on a daily basis.


You need to quickly transfer some money to your friend, Venmo is here to save the day. It will eliminate the need of carrying credit/debit cards, pens, etc. to clear bills at restaurants or shopping malls. With just a single tap, you can make hassle-free payments.


Millennials don’t feel the importance of having their own car. Uber is the perfect option to commute and it is also not a very costly option. The payment system is also quite clean where you don’t need to carry any cash.


In our hectic lives, we are going to need some help in cooking. Seamless is the app that will deliver fresh food across the States. No matter where you are, it will deliver you the food without any delay.

Social Media

I am going to discuss the most used social media handles that millennials are using these days.


This is the app that will keep you in the loop. From all the celebrity gossip and latest news to the viral trends, Twitter will give you everything at one place. The app is also widely used to connect directly with the celebrities and influencers whom we follow.


A picture is worth a million words and no one understood it better than Instagram in the social world. The app owned by Facebook Inc. offers a very creative and expansive space for all professional, as well as personal use. Following your favorite brands and getting the trendy recipe, Instagram offers all.




In a millennial’s and Gen-Z’s smartphone, you will not miss seeing this app. The app is seen to be one of the best ones to keep up with your friends. The filters on this app go viral quite easily and you can explore your creativity.


This section has become the most loved ones where the apps available here can be found on each and every smartphone. I will also include the dating app in this section.


If you are somewhere you need to pass your time, 2048 is the app you should settle for. It’s basically a computer game with numerical values. Passing each level will boost some confidence, as well.


You can’t deny the fact that you haven’t downloaded the dating app where you have swiped left and right. In our busy schedules, it’s difficult to find someone of your type. Apps like Tinder and Bumble help us find someone based on our preferences.


When it comes to listening to your favorite tracks, there is no better option than Spotify. The app offers a combined experience of social interaction and music choice. Spotify also allows you to share your playlists and music libraries with your friends.