Tricks You Should Know About Your iPhone: Top

Published on 12/08/2021

No matter which smartphone you are using, certain perks and downsides come with both the Android and iOS platforms. When compared, the easier one among the two is iOS, all thanks to a more straightforward user interface and easy access to the apps. However, when it comes to customization and more personal experience, Android is always the go-to platform. Over time, iOS has improved quite a lot in adding more features and customization options. A majority of these features are hidden somewhere, and to extract the full potential; you will have to dig a little deeper. This blog will discuss a few handpicked tricks that will make the overall user experience much simpler and more accessible. These tricks will help you check whether a surface is perfectly leveled or use the smartphone as a trackpad. There is also a hidden feature that will let you save the contact as their nickname using Siri. Now, without any further adieu, let’s dive in.

Tricks You Should Know About Your IPhone Top

Tricks You Should Know About Your iPhone Top


Setting Up Dark Mode

Not only just getting a dim screen, but this hidden trick will also let you set up the screen in the dark mode. You need to open the Settings app and navigate to the General tab. Click on the Accessibility option and enable the Zoom toggle. Here, you will need to tap with three fingers three times and select Low Light.

Screen Recording

The iOS platform has integrated the screen recording feature into the device. You must know the quality of customizing the control center, and here, you can add the part. There is one thing that you need to keep in mind: the smartphone will not allow you to record the system audio. Users will get to record the mic input.

Customized Vibration

The notification alerts will probably be the same for each category. IOS offers you a customization option. Users will have the option of setting custom alerts for the contacts. By doing that, you will know who’s trying to contact you without even looking at the phone. Go to the Settings app and scroll down to Sounds and Haptics. Go to Vibration, create a custom one and save it.

Checking The Surface Level

The measurement app that you get integrated with the iOS device comes with checking whether the surface is leveled. You can also find the degree of tilt by going to the Measure app and navigating to the Level button. You can click on the screen, and it will set itself to 0°. Now, once you move the phone, it will show the angle in red color.

Backspace In Calculator

It is pretty frustrating to see no backspace button in the calculator. Users will have to hit the AC button to enter the wrong digit. However, the hidden trick is to swipe left on the numbers to remove the digit. To get advanced functions, all you need is to tilt the device in landscape mode. The orientation will only change when the phone isn’t locked in portrait mode.

Backspace In Calculator

Backspace In Calculator

Signing A Document

There will be times when you need to sign a document. Getting a hard copy isn’t always the best way. If you have received the file in the attachment, open the app and go to the Toolbox button. Here, you will need to click on the Signature button. You will need to sign the doc using a stylus or a finger. You can drag and drop the signature where you need to place it.