Items You Can’t Pass On When Visiting The Duty Free Shops

Published on 01/05/2021

Going home empty-handed or you can’t seem to buy enough stuff, the duty-free shops at the airport are there to help with your every need and want. Learn more about what a duty-free shop is and what are items you should buy.

Items You Cant Pass On When Visiting The Duty Free Shops

Items You Can’t Pass On When Visiting The Duty Free Shops


What Is a Duty Free Shop?

If you have ever traveled abroad, you have likely come across a duty-free shop at the airport. They are brightly lit stores that sell many items, and many tourists find that this is the best place to shop before heading home. Duty-free shops offer priced cheaper items than the ones you would find at the mall because they don’t have local import tax or fees placed on goods by government entities. This makes duty free shops worth checking out before you hop on your plane. If you’re looking to save a buck, make to grab the following items.


For those who enjoy their liquor, consider buying from the duty-free shop. You can save as much as 25 to 50% compared to a domestic store. This is a real steal! If you are worried about whether you can bring home a bottle or two, airlines permit up to 3.4 oz for carry-on. Buy alcohol once you have reached your country of the destination so you won’t have to worry!


Another item worth buying on the cheap is tobacco or cigarettes. You can get them as affordable as can be at duty-free shops. Cigars and cigarettes are almost always heavily taxed so buying them at the duty-free shop is a must. Airlines allow a rim or box of cigarettes (around 200 cigarettes) and 100 cigars on board.


Perfume is another must-buy at the duty-free shop. Aside from it being more affordable, there are sizes and limited editions only available at the duty-free shop, making it highly coveted. You can save as much as 50% when you shop at the duty-free store and if you are a loyal customer to a certain brand, chances are you’ll be buying an exclusive item that’s not available to the general public.

Luxury Items

It’s not surprising to see a luxury brand or two inside an airport. When you have the chance to check out the store, you might be able to buy that bag you’ve been eyeing. To make sure you’re really saving money, check online what the suggested retail price or SRP is. If it’s considerably cheaper at the airport, then go for it!

Make-Up And Skincare Products

This is no secret — make-up and skincare products are sold at up to 50% off at the duty-free shop. For something more unique, buy from a brand that is unique to that country.

Local Souvenirs

Forgot to buy something for your boss? There are locally made items at the duty-free shops too! This is the best place to buy a last-minute gift or two for someone back home.

Local Souvenirs

Local Souvenirs

Items You Can’t Buy Back Home

A global brand may have released a few products abroad that are not available back home. If you see something that catches your fancy and you know they can’t be bought at the local grocery store, by all means, get it! This will be your only chance at buying something unique at a fraction of its cost.

The Bottomline

Duty-free shopping is hassle-free and helps you save a lot. Always remember that is a limit to how much you can spend at the store and you can’t get too crazy over items like liquor or cigarettes since airlines have a limit to these.