iPhone Vs. Android: Which One Is Better?

Published on 03/02/2022

For smartphones, two major operating systems are being used by the OEMs. iOS is the one that is proprietary to Apple and Android is the one that several device manufacturers use. Both the operating systems come with a few perks over one another. Google’s offering is an open-source platform eminently tweaked by several manufacturers. There are also various customization options that you will get on Android devices. There are not just all the perks you will get with this operating system. A major flaw that you will get here is the security aspect. When it comes to buying a smartphone, you might find yourself in a confusing spot. This blog will discuss the elements that you should note regarding the features and pros/cons of iOS and Android. You might think that if Android is an overall better performer, iOS is so widely used, and users in the ecosystem find it extremely difficult to leave. Let’s dive into the critical factors behind the fact that in an overall experience, iOS is the one with better optimization, and there are a few things that it does simply better than its Google counterpart.

IPhone Vs. Android Which One Is Better

iPhone Vs. Android Which One Is Better



While doing the day-to-day tasks on both the iOS and Android platforms in our testings, we found that the performance was relatively smooth on the iOS. The Android platform was highly jittery and has also shown significant lags, especially while switching apps. Regarding the smartphone segment, iPhones dominate the market globally, except for a few calls.

Simple UI

With its highly customizable UI, Android can become a little complex for several users. However, the interface has been made more straightforward and easy to use over the past few versions of Android. Also, if you switch from one brand to another, you will again have to go through a learning curve. Through its highly simplistic UI, Apple has a dominance where all the features and options are easily accessible.

OS Updates

Everyone knows that Apple is way better at offering updates when it comes to updates. If the iOS device you are using is even a couple of years old, you can rest assured that it will get the OS updates. However, there will be a few drawbacks that you will get. For example, the older devices will not perform their best due to intensive and resource-demanding updates.

Better Ecosystem

Though Google is continuously working towards a better and more efficient experience, there are still various services you will have to go for third-party options. On iOS, it’s done in a much better way. The essential services such as FaceTime, iMessage, iCloud, etc., are integrated to the core, and users will not have to find any third-party app. On Android, the services are getting improved, but the lack of intuitiveness and integration fetches down the user experience.

Better Ecosystem

Better Ecosystem

Information Security

If this blog had been written a few years ago, iOS must have swept Android in terms of security. As of now, Google is offering monthly security patches, and it has put the operating system in a much better place. However, the user reviews and the overall consensus consider iOS a better OS for security. Going through all the aspects, you must have understood that Apple is just better at implementing the developments and the updates are much more stable compared to Android. Also, the released updates are more consistent for all the devices where Google is yet quite behind.